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With increasing challenges ahead to maintain the sustainability of water resources in the face of climate change, demographic and behavioural changes and ageing infrastructure, managing leakage effectively remains a priority for the industry, both in terms of costs and consumer perception in light of the current drought. All companies, whether in restricted areas or not, are expected to meet or outperform their targets for 2011-12. Total leakage for last year was down, as it was the year before, and that has been the trend for a number of years.

The industry continually strives for improved performance and enhanced service. The Water UK Leakage Conference provides an essential platform for the industry and its stakeholders to exchange ideas, explore technology transfer, identify good practice and develop future plans for managing leakage.

The event, with a pre-event dinner the night before, attracts around 140 leakage professionals annually and is considered the leading leakage conference for the industry.

This year’s conference will be chaired by Chris Loughlin, Chief Executive, South West Water.



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